We are Waldwert

Private forest ownership in Germany has become much more popular in recent years.   Many new owners have entered the market and are now enjoying the lifestyle and tranquility that only a forest can offer.  That popularity has pushed the prices to a level that makes it less affordable for many investors.  Also, Germany does not offer some of the types of properties that could fulfill all investors needs.

Foreign property ownership is attractive, and a dream, to many; however, it usually is an unfulfilled dream for many reasons.   Investors shy away from such investments due to lack of knowledgeable contacts, complications in dealing with foreign bureaucracies and legislation, foreign languages, and just the fear of the unknown.

This is where we can help.

We have chosen real estate in countries with stable governments, that offer potential price appreciation and long-term profitability.  We take care of the contact with all foreign government agencies, foresters, consultants, and lawyers.

Our managing Director, Matthias Buschmann, has many years of foreign experience and dealing with foreign agencies.  We have properties available in all sizes and price ranges, from 175,000 Euros in Sweden up to 20 million Euros in Canada.

A new and exciting way to earn income from your forest is a C02 reduction Strategy.

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What we stand for

Good personal advice - close to the customer
Targeted property selection tailored to the customer
High quality portfolio
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